Friday, October 21, 2011

to the tune of 'verbal intercourse' off cuban linx

same damned ritual

Rise sun, nah, I slumber

'Phaeton,’' says Zeus, 'what

the fuck is wrong with you?'

no sub-text

On this subject

Me, the shit-flinging monkey

Galore I adore words

and letters Units of measure for

unbounded pleasures

Turn the page, enter

Whatever fantasy O.G.

technology delivers

To escape from reality

I'm Properly unbounded in the

pages of a knowledge tree

where i'm found

kid this flow, my stroke - solid gold

like the medal i oughta hold

for these mic skills cold

when the whispring woods r moanin/my face is clenchd and crawlin

time 2 watch film
time 2 watch film
time 2 watch n be
n be nothin but fantasy

On the Death of Muammar Gaddafi

jesus quaddafi’s dead, have you seen the video?
you just have to get the fuck out there
it’s better than any movie
his blood is so red
it is real blood
in the video (right ;;)?)

its all happening to fast for us artists
those who are thinking
some dude on his cell phone
beat everyone to the punch - everyone. it’s
just raw, life, what you can do with it
art is _action)_ no error corrections or intentions
because nobody has any clue and those who say they do are full of it
on the internet
academics are full of it with their twitters, foolin g us in
to thinking we need them. nah, i mean
yes we need thought - but - but -
the holy sanctity of your average phd?
jesus quaddafi’s dead, have you seen the video?