Friday, October 21, 2011

to the tune of 'verbal intercourse' off cuban linx

same damned ritual

Rise sun, nah, I slumber

'Phaeton,’' says Zeus, 'what

the fuck is wrong with you?'

no sub-text

On this subject

Me, the shit-flinging monkey

Galore I adore words

and letters Units of measure for

unbounded pleasures

Turn the page, enter

Whatever fantasy O.G.

technology delivers

To escape from reality

I'm Properly unbounded in the

pages of a knowledge tree

where i'm found

kid this flow, my stroke - solid gold

like the medal i oughta hold

for these mic skills cold


  1. For an intellectual MC you are very self-aggrandizing

  2. But this is a poem, as it is text, not audio.