Thursday, October 27, 2011

Ideas for Code Poems

[to be written as a program in a high-level language, and displayed in descending order with its translation into increasingly lower levels until the poem is represented in binary form]

reduce me to ashes

OR.....something like (pseudocode follows)

Print “entropic heat

Print “reduce me to ashes”

here the descent is implied, and actually ends in the waste heat from the voltage jumps, which are the ultimate low-level translation of any computer code

title: degradation to pidgin

convert to leetspeak poem exactly 140 char for tweet
It may be contaminated, jargonized, disrupted language, but it is not a new language, not (yet) evidence for the invasion of an empire of machinic colonizers whose demands of trade and interaction require the creation of a pidgin by economically and linguistically disempowered human users.

!7 m4 8 (n7mn7d, j29n1zd, dsrupted lngu4g, but 1t 1s not 4 nu l4ngu4g, not (yet) evdence 4 d4 1nv4sn of 4 mpire of m4chinic colonizrs whos dm4nds of tr8d n intr4ctn rqire d4 cre4tn of 4 p!j1n by ecnm1cly n lngu!stcly d!smpwrd hmn usrs


  1. been thinking about transcendence vs immanence ...
    do these languages need to be transcended ... is that poetry ... or is poetry already present (immanent) in these forms (and not just the forms but the content as well)

  2. That's something I've never thought about. Now that you raise the point I must.....I never looked up the definition of immanence, but after doing so my first instinct is that as a bit of a pantheist I prefer immanence to transcendence.

    I think my interest in multi-media (code poems) is in immanence, the poetry _within_ this other medium. Not sure which languages you refer to when you ask about what needs to be transcended.

    People always go off on these crazy things when they talk about what poetry is, beyond this or that, etc. As a musician first I tend to think of music in those terms, but the whole issue is a tough one.

    It might be interesting to look at differences. What is in poetry that is not in music (the meaning to be found in language and the meaning of words), visual art that is not in poetry, etc? Rhythm is something common to every art, I think. Melody is definitely music within poetry. When I work w/audio samples on the computer it seems very sculptural.

    Have you watched the video of your talk? It's cool. Were you transcendent or immanent in that ? ;)

  3. goat boy she say nahNovember 9, 2011 at 1:14 AM

    Yo Zero, how are you a pantheist and not an atheist who just thinks the universe is vast and incredible? Do you have a spiritual practice?

  4. Pantheism: The belief that the physical universe is equivalent to a god or gods, and that there is no division between a Creator and the substance of its creation.[12] Examples include many forms of Saivism.
    Panentheism: Like Pantheism, the belief that the physical universe is joined to a god or gods. However, it also believes that a god or gods are greater than the material universe. Examples include most forms of Vaishnavism.