Thursday, February 2, 2012

why do



  1. What is another Beach Boys song like 'Good Vibrations'? One that is also mildly trippy/far out?

  2. Well, I know that is the de facto American pop album.

    I don't really obtain whole albums though, mostly watch youtube clips. Any one song stand out?

    I think the part of 'Good Vibrations' that I really respond is the hazy organ part and reminds me of the intro to 'Crimson and Clover' by Tommy James & The Shondells as well as the sexy mouth-breathing/clapping effects on 'Time of the Season' by The Zombies. It's kind of a nice, specifically 60s type of leisurely psychedelia, as opposed to like a brutal head-splitting mind fuck.

  3. Hmm. Will have to check 'Crimson and Clover' out. Agreed about leisurely psychedelia and The Zombies. That also makes me think of '30th Century Man,' just that general vibe. And Velvet Underground. I think that vibe is the result of aesthetic choices (you've got Debussy comin' at it from the classical end) and production technique, esp. when it comes to certain instruments and the ease with which said sonics seem to be able to be achieved with analog equipment.

    You really can't go wrong with Pet Sounds. 'Wouldn't it be Nice' and 'God only Knows' are the big ones, but do yourself a favor and get a high-quality audio source to listen to on something other than laptop speakers or earbuds (that is the audiophile in me, though I peep stuff on youtube all the time - esp. Ice Cube)

  4. It's totally the production tricks. Like, I really like this band Teen Inc. who became Inc. They're session/touring musicians so their work has a lot of really nice subtle details in it. Like a 2 second sample of someone playing ice cubes with a defibrillator and shit. Same with that 60s stuff. It's just all about churning out delicate, pretty jams that are loaded with 'moments.' Scott Walker is too bedroom and VU is too raw for what I'm after. Both great of course.

    Oh man, I have no quality audio around.... maybe one day.

  5. Also really into the 'new age' musician Andreas Vollenweider, mostly his earlier 80s stuff. I saw a bit of a documentary on him where he talked about coming up with short stories first that he would set each song to!

    1. That is a great idea. Even for songs w/lyrics. Come up w/the story, then write the song about the story. And I get what you're saying about production tricks. Though I think (and I'm being pedantic) part of the 'tricks' is that most of those 60's big studio cats behind the boards were trained engineers.