Monday, August 15, 2011

third-rate gibson

  • Adam Cahan 7 hours ago
    In an ideal world TEPCO would in fact construct our atomic melting robot overlords, and their name would be cursed and spoken with a tired, practiced disgust in the furtive gatherings of purple-mohawked hackers and muscle-grafted streetrunners.
  • Adam Cahan 7 hours ago
    ...and people would have tired, cynical sex when the high wears off and smoke cheap chinese cigarettes that taste like rat poison.
  • Adam Cahan 7 hours ago
    Men would subsist off of stolen sugar packets and half-and-half from Starbucks, poured into dixie cups hidden in their trenchcoats, and all women would have to sell themselves - one way or another. TEPCO, of course, would profit off of their misery. But only in - an ideal world.

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