Thursday, December 30, 2010

Darth Vader Orbit

I've decided to start posting poems. Originally I was hoping to make this blog be a focused enterprise, a web 2.0 grinder for sharpening the blade of my intellectual curiosity. Momus, for those that knew his excellent blog Click Opera, was an ideal (my apologies for the lack of pertinent links - this internet game is still fresh to play, and I'm feeling exhausted and lazy). Recently ZunguZungu (alongside perennial Glenn Greenwald) has been added to my list of writers whose style I admire.

Practical considerations played a part too. I didn't post anything for over a year, I think. So the gears finally started clinking and some process in the back of my brain finished measuring that timeless homage "The perfect is the enemy of the good." I write more poems than essays, critical responses or thought-pieces. I am not reading the Nietzche I wished to be. So - I leave y'all with poesy, an anti-conformist screed, an oh-the-state-of-this-world rager in draft form.


Darth Vader Orbit

You wild hungry dogs
who lust for more
than mediocre meat.

You Titans of offices
and potlucks.

You relentless running runts
wearing the quite right apparel
for our great, grim marathon.

Suns, central masses
for orbiting junk:
you "meme warriors."

Darth Vader spread out
across the multiverse,
each instance nostalgic.
Revisiting your battles
with Luke in Cloud City.

Where will you go
when the sea rises?

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