Monday, March 7, 2011

read it bottom to top son

zero reference
So brush your chompers with the monster/Bristle at this hip-hop flaneur/dirty id-twitter/touching the internet/with crusty index finger
zero reference
Vertical heel-toe, their soles leave the concrete/The 140 character flow/makes those styles obsolete
zero reference
A savage Pict in blueface, leave emcees undone/ like a badly tied shoelace
zero reference
Taste like black sabbath toothpaste, your heavy metal flavor

citizens of the sea

the sea has no citizens,
only the census of fishermen
who try to count rainbows
shimmering along the skins of tunafish
bucking in the nets.
those words, ‘citizens of the sea,’ are nets -
dragging the earth away from us
lottery-ticket promises of kinship
but we are wild!

sheep dreams (to be spoken)

its a boy
think i’ll call him roy
batty, the kid’s prissy
doesn’t know his life’ll fly
so quickly
roy’ll cee beams
glitter gleam in the dark
near tannhauser gate,
and shit go real
off the shoulder of orion,
you can only kill
him, you can’t fight him
fair, ain’t no such thing
as a deal that’s square
bird in the rain, time to die